Hailstorm in San Francisco

It’s hailing AGAIN!

Hailstorm in San Francisco

I was just finishing up a long and difficult week by taking myself out for a sushi dinner, when there was–at the exact same time–a flash of bright light and a BOOM! The whole restaurant jumped out of its chairs and ran to the window. I thought there had been an explosion on the roof, but the waiter assured me it was just a clap of thunder. Two minutes later, FLASH-BOOM! again. Frazzled, the clientele scampered back to their seats.

Five minutes later: “It’s raining!” “No, it’s snowing!” “It can’t be snowing! This is San Francisco!” “No wait! That’s ice! It’s hailing!”

Hailstorm in SFAnd white marbles proceeded to fall from the sky. I ran outside to dance in it while the waiter ran my credit card, and little children stood at the window to point. There was an exodus of camera phones from pockets as everyone tried to capture the event–but who can really capture falling hail with a camera phone? (I tried.)The storm lasted about ten minutes, and then it was over. Twenty minutes later, the white crunchy streets were back to their regular soggy black. The firetruck sirens are still blaring.

This was way better than an earthquake. Hands down.

bus folk are cool

I saw an elderly chinese woman on the Muni yesterday wearing a baby blue patent leather hat.

“When I am old I will wear purple…”

Alter to Chocolate and Ethernet

These were the deities of the weekend…

As we speak...

I’m sitting at a Muni stop waiting to come home from the big crazy sf halloween party in the Castro. My feet hurt from walking in china flats, so i’m sitting on the dirty brick ground among a crowd of people… typing away on my Treo. Many more pictures to come… but let’s just say this city knows how to get 200,000 people together on two city blocks and have a good time…

Lovejoy's Tea Room

They served me my first crumpets.

But here’s the real point: I took this picture with my Treo PDA phone. Then I sent this message from the Treo via email to Flickr, which automatically sent it to my blog.

Holy cow, technology is cool. Nothing can stop me now.