Sarah’s Great Adventure 2008: The Theme Song

sarah-chris.jpgOn the last day of adventuring, my dopp juice gave to me…

Twelve days of traveling,

Eleven kinds of sushi,

Ten poems unchallenged,

Nine missing work days,

Eight beds and couches.

Seven artists scheming

chris-sarah.jpgSix different airports,

Five grandparents!

Four different states,

Three major cities,

Two stage performances,

And a spontaneous convergence of ukuleles in a taqueria!

(photos include my brother, Chris Dopp, who is graduating from college this year! w00t!)

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2 Responses to “Sarah’s Great Adventure 2008: The Theme Song”

  1. mary hodder Says:

    i love how you used twitter to note the details and linked them all together here.

    brilliant linking expression.


  2. Daniel Widrew Says:

    with that wig on, you could totally pass for a bond girl