My New Nokia N95 Phone (and the guy who stole it from me)

Have you seen this man?

He stole my new Nokia N95 — the one the nice word-of-mouth marketing people sent me for free to play with and chatter about. I was gonna poke it and prod it and take pictures with it and compare it to the Treo and the iPhone and try to break it.

But now I can’t, because a crazy road raging maniac with mad scientist hair* stole it from me.

Fortunately, he’s willing to discuss the matter with me openly on the Internet.

So I give you a new blog:

*The guy who stole my phone’s name is Mark Resch. Coincidentally, he also works in my office. So he’s walking around with the phone in front of me, and not letting me touch it. It’s not very nice.

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4 Responses to “My New Nokia N95 Phone (and the guy who stole it from me)”

  1. markresch Says:

    no, no, no!

    i am not a mad-scientist-haired maniac. i’m just a guy driving his son to school in his morning carpool.

    and it’s not your phone. you said it was christmas.

    and i am nice.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Dude, seriously. WTH? Why on earth do people steal, or think that it’s okay to steal?

    But I’m seriously enjoying the way you are “outing” him. :-)

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Ok… really, I need to READ more thoroughly (i.e. that Mark is someone you actually know). Sorry, my bad. But I’m enjoying it all just the same. And FTR, I had a N75, hated it. Was always a Nokia gal too, but not anymore. Maybe I’ll learn to like them again reading your blog.

  4. girls2008d Says:

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