Wish List May 2007

I’ve been recently reminded that if you don’t tell the Universe (or Blogosphere, if you will) what you need, it doesn’t know what to give you. So here’s what’s missing in my life.

I’m looking for…

  • A converter that transfers content smoothly back and forth between:
    • WEB: DokuWiki syntax, XHTML, copy-the-text-from-my-browser-page
    • TRADITIONAL: Word Doc format w/styles (ideal) or RTF
  • Graphic designers and web programmers who
    • work quickly and accurately.
    • learn new skills efficiently on their own.
    • are available for immediate contract work (projects last anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months).
    • can work on-site in the SF East Bay (BART-accessible offices).
    • have experience with corporate websites, backed up by references and portfolio pieces.

    (You can consider this an unofficial job posting. Please email me for more info only if you fit this criteria.)

  • A To-Do List system that allows me to
    • log AND categorize tasks via SMS text-messaging
    • view and use the lists easily in a mobile web browser (or a Palm OS application, which would actually resolve the first need, too).
    • view and use the lists on my Mac in an application outside of a web browser (kinda like Twitterific for Twitter.  Does anyone make something like this for Remember the Milk?).
    • categorize, prioritize, and set deadlines for tasks (the ability to put one task in multiple categories would also help).
    • view finished tasks an archived area, away from the unfinished tasks
  • A Treo (Palm OS) application for blogging, specifically to
    • WordPress (with category control)
    • Livejournal (with custom filter control)
  • A pair of shoes that
    • fits a left foot, high arch, size 10, wide toes, narrow ankle
    • fits a right foot, low arch, size 10 1/2, wide toes, narrow ankle
    • wears comfortably for lots of walking
    • looks good in the office with brown or black pants

    (I’m wearing hiking sandals to client meetings, people — this is becoming ridiculous!)

  • Renter’s Insurance that
    • I can sign up for easily over the internet
    • doesn’t require that I already have an account with the company (I don’t have car insurance or AAA — that seems to rule out a lot of the easy options).
  • An investment account service that
    • I can manage easily over the Internet.
    • doesn’t treat me like I know everything about Wall Street.
    • doesn’t treat me like I’m an idiot.
    • has lots of user-focused interface options that make my life easier.
    • basically functions on Web 2.0 principles.

You now know all of my weaknesses. If we were in battle, you would easily win. But since we’re friends, how about you just throw me a bone?

Or maybe it’s time you put your Wish List out to the Universe/Blogosphere, too?

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2 Responses to “Wish List May 2007”

  1. Shannon Clark Says:


    I have generally been pretty happy with Charles Schwab (though I haven’t been a real active trader of late and I’m pretty wall street knowledgeable) but a few upsides – they have offices pretty much everywhere in the US and they can really help you in those offices or on the phone or on the web in pretty much the same manner (and generally very competently unlike many banks). Etrade would also probably be an option to look at.

    re the shoes – I’d suggest, though not the cheapest source, checking out The Walking Store ( think that’s the name, may have it slightly wrong) which is in Berkeley towards the end of Shattuck (in the “Gourmet Ghetto”, just around the corner from Chez Panise). They specialize in shoes that are great for lots of walking – I’ve bought all my current shoes there and am very happy (men’s shoes admittedly, but they have a great selection of women’s as well – and can help modify a shoe to fit your feet)


  2. Debra Says:


    About the shoes (wish I could help with more..)

    I laughed at the hiking sandals line, as the only shoes I could wear for 2 years were Keen Hydros. When I finally had foot surgery and could wear other shoes it was a miracle!

    I would second the recommendation of the Walking Store, but at Sun Valley Mall in Pleasant Hill there is a better shoe store right across the way from Walking Store. (sorry, don’t recall the name). Many of my friends are wearing Dansko, but I haven’t tried them yet. Maybe this fall.

    You’re real challenge will be the arch difference.. but a great shoe store will be able to advise you on this.

    If you find that to-do system, please let us all know.