Why Blog? Myths and Facts

As I talked about in previous posts, Social Media can help you reach lots of people for very little money if you know how to use it well. For me, the magic key to Social Media is blogging. But through talking to other people, I’ve found that most non-bloggers either

A) don’t think it’s for them, or

B) don’t know how to approach it.

I’ve also noticed a few myths floating around the blogosphere and its conferences lately, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t helping the situation. So here are my debunkings:

Myth #1: The blogosphere is full. Whatever you want to say is already being said.

Fact: The blogosphere is a cloud, not a box. If you have something to offer, start sharing it. Some people will pay attention while others won’t, and that’s not what matters. What matters is that you’re giving yourself a voice, and you’re joining a network of other voices. You might just need to trust me on this one — it’s worth it.

Myth #2: You can make money from your blog.

Fact: You can make money through your blog. It’s possible to make decent money by putting ads on your blog, but first you’ll need to become absurdly popular and get tons of visitors coming to your blog every day. The bad news is: most of us will never get there. The good news is: your blog can still put money in your pocket, even if you’re not displaying any ads at all. By building a relationship with your readers, you develop an audience asset that can bring you business. By having a public voice that is continually posting new thoughts, you present an image of authenticity that adds value to your reputation. And whether you’re a consultant, an organization, a business, or an employee, all of these can have a positive impact on the amount of money others are willing to give you. But watch out, this brings up another myth:

Myth #3: Blogging will make you valuable.

Fact: Blogging will amplify your value. If you have something of value to offer the world — be it your insight, your advice, or your experience — your blog will crank up the volume on how much people appreciate you. If, on the other hand, you’re not already tapping into something of value within yourself, blogging isn’t going to help.

I’m of the (admittedly idealistic) opinion that everyone has something of value to offer, though, so I think you should start blogging right now.

Start here:

  • Typepad.com – If you’re willing to put a little money into having a truly awesome blog.
  • Blogger.com – If you’re looking for something free and easy.
  • WordPress.org – If you have a few tech skills and want to make it your own.

Once you’ve got it running, please send me the link. I’d like to keep an eye on it. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Why Blog? Myths and Facts”

  1. Severe Says:

    so ahm an interestin combination of
    A) (don’t think its fer me)
    as well as as tha unmentioned
    C) – my online persona does nawt lend itself to business opportunities, mostly due ta whack-assed spelling n flippant language (like whack-assed)
    D) – ah feel like ah spend enuff time immersed in online sites that blogging will only doom me
    and (tha obnoxious, but working on it); &
    e) – ah apparently waste so much time on tha computer w.o bein ergonomic its fawked up my whole right arm so ahm dissuaded from new endeavors (altho ah dae need a CMS website, hopefully coming)

    as one friend pointed out, ah dae participate in bloggin via comments on othas websites (only those ah know) n tha occasional post on a community blog blogspot.breakdancinggodzilla.com (blogspot nawt bein one of tha three sites gittin mz. dopp’s recommendation of kerse)

    everyone likes someone elses pennies, rite? (even tho pennies are STUPID!)

  2. sarah Says:

    Severe —


    2) Blogger and Blogspot are the same thing. :)

    3) If you save your pennies, you can buy an ice cream cone.

    4) I think if you blogged in this language, people would greatly appreciate it.


  3. Severe Says:

    fine, you win —>pluckyyounglad.blogspot.com (a blog ah started last year when in a very very slow temp job).

    how was tha double blind?