Well now THAT was impulsive…

Impulsive Sarah: Close your eyes, plug your nose, and swallow. You’ll thank me when it’s over.

Without checking in with my rational side, I just bought plane tickets and conference tickets to BlogHer 2007 — a weekend conference in Chicago at the end of this month. I’ve been before and I know it’s amazing, relevant, inspiring, and valuable.

Rational Sarah: But I’ve taken two trips in the last three months already!

Impulsive Sarah: I don’t want to hear it. We’re going.

Rational Sarah: But I have work!

Impulsive Sarah: It’s a *weekend*!

Rational Sarah: But I can’t afford it!

Impulsive Sarah: Nonsense. It will improve your productivity this summer, it’s relevant to your work, and it’s tax deductible. And besides, I think you’re lying.

Rational Sarah: But… but… !

Impulsive Sarah: Who’s the rational one *now*?

Rational Sarah: Um… Uh… Can I at least spend the flight conceptually restructuring my office workflow?

Impulsive Sarah: Deal.

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3 Responses to “Well now THAT was impulsive…”

  1. Debra Roby Says:


    Oh, I’m glad you’re coming! Haven’t run into you since Woolfcamp.. many months ago.

    Do you have a place to stay? I know someone looking for a room mate.

  2. Mary Tsao Says:

    Cool! I’ll be seeing the both of yous there.

  3. Ward Herschel Says: