The 2007 Hot Holiday Toys for Grown-Ups

Q: What’s red and giggles and completely screwed up the American economy in December, 1996?A: Tickle-Me-Elmo

Have I ever mentioned that I worked in toy stores before I started building websites? I did this on and off for more than five years, and it was probably the best education I could have ever received in marketing and consumerism. Toys, especially around the holiday season, don’t get marketed to the people who will spend money on them; they get marketed to the people who will ask for them as gifts. Why? Because it’s easy to say no to an advertisement; it’s hard to say no to someone you love dearly.

(Have you ever tried to get two children to leave a toy store without buying something for them first?)

But notch it up to Adult Land, and there are a few toys getting big attention this holiday season. They are…

The Amazon Kindle – a portable book reader that’s easy on the eyes and connects directly to the Amazon store from anywhere. Check it out:

Some grief has risen up in the blogosphere about the Kindle because, while it allows access to blogs, it allows certain ones, and you have to pay for them.

And people seem to have already forgotten that there’s a very similar competitor also available, the Sony Reader, which connects — you guessed it — to the Sony store.

Both devices hold more reading material than I would get through in a year, both weigh less than your average hardcover, and neither supports color (my guess is that’s the next generation).

But if the Internet has made you too A.D.D. to read books anymore, you might be more interested in this toy:

The Chumby – Kind of a cross between a computer, a television, a stereo, a stress-relieving squeezeball, and a picture frame. Take a look at the intro video to get a feel for what I’m talking about:

If this is your dream toy, you’ll want to keep an eye on the widget factory over at

(Oh, and Mom? Please don’t buy me any of these. They’re kinda silly and I really don’t need them. Thanks.)

I wish you all a very merry Buy Nothing Day, filled with lots of exercise and blogging.

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