Moving is always such a hassle…

Apologies for the mess here. I’ve had it with b2evolution as a blog software, and am finally migrating to WordPress. Leave it to Murphy to set the rules around blog migration, though; this process is turning out to be anything but smooth. Here’s a quick list of reasons for why I’d like to punch a SQL database:

  • The migration tool managed to save my data but lose my formatting (scroll down. there are no paragraph breaks in any of my entries. This violates the cardinal rule of blogging — “give it to ’em in small chunks”. I’m really really sorry you have to see this…).
  • My RSS feed is changing, which means that anyone who’s following me via another platform is about to get very confused.
  • I have a lot of template hacking to do to get back up to speed.

But, there’s also a bright side to all of this…

  • I did manage to (mostly) recover all of my posts, comments, and categories. That’s worth a toast.
  • I’m celebrating the software migration with a new blog name. Goodbye, “Sarah Says…” Hello “Dopp Juice”!
  • WordPress has a heckuvalot more options and support. I’m grinning right now at the automatic “Saved at 8:24:06” text (auto draft saving!) which sits right beside the “Save and Continue Editing” button in the admin panel, and I already know I’ve made the right choice.

To WordPress!

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