Hair Fan Mail

Get this: I actually received internet fan mail about my hair. A gentleman named Peter, whom I presumably have not met in meatspace, wrote me and said:

"I think your website is very good! About your hair: My personal opinion is that the shaved head look was the best! The shorter the better! It reflected the uniqueness and confidence of your personality. Will you ever shave it again?"

The truly beautiful part is that I received this letter two days after I had decided to shave my head again. That’s right. Sarah is again hairless.


Let’s be honest here. Having hair just doesn’t work for me.

And not having hair does.

Edit: (…Okay, so you want proof it wasn’t working for me? Here ya go…)

(photo by black_pearl_10)

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4 Responses to “Hair Fan Mail”

  1. Daniel Widrew Says:

    ya know.. remember a couple years ago when you said something to the effect of “if you hit on me, we will probably date for awhile. then we’ll break up and hate each other”? sometimes you post these pictures and i almost regret my choice.

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