ATM! ATM! ATM! (a flashmob)

Did you hear the one about the mob of students who chanted affectionate cheers to the ATM? How about the massive public pillowfight in San Francisco last year on Valentine’s Day? I hear a rumor that some zombies might be planning a takeover soon…. What am I talking about?FLASHMOBS!

flashmob (FLASH mawb) n.A large group of people who gather in a usually predetermined location, perform some brief action, and then quickly disperse. —v., —adj.

Basically, you get a bunch of people in on the plan, they show up at a location minding their own business, and then at a certain time they all break out into something outlandishly attention-getting, and then suddenly stop and wander away as though nothing happened. Categorize this under “things that entertain the pants off me.”The big recent one was Feb 1 at UC Davis, where 1200 students gathered in front of their bookstore ATM, and wildly shouted “ATM! ATM! ATM!” when the central clock tower struck noon. They’re claiming this to be the biggest flashmob in Guiness World Record history.On the original Facebook Group where they organized it, they included instructions such as

“Everyone who is participating gathers around the front of the bookstore (near the ATM machines, ect), at around 11:50-11:55. Be doing something that doesn’t make anything look suspicious. Don’t laugh. Read a newspaper, a book, or talk to your friends or something. Spread out: do not make the mob yet!”


“When the chimes are over (or at about 12:01pm), everyone stop immediately, and walk away in opposite directions, like nothing ever happened.”


“WARNING! If someone asks if you’re in the flashmob, you should respond with “chicken tenders are beautiful.”

Well done, guys! Well done!You can watch the Official Video… but I like this This One better. (from DavisWiki)

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