Zooming in to Day 2 of BlogHer

Maybe it’s for the best that I missed my chance at a two-day pass. More than one day of women, writers, and tech geeks all at the same time just might send me into epileptic seizures of joy. But I’m zooming in for Day 2 of BlogHer in San Jose, and I’m ready to get my tech chic on. Let’s go through the schedule with commentary, just for the sake of getting über excited:7:00-7:45 – Free Morning Yoga SessionIf I can get my San Francisco butt out of bed by 5am, I am totally there. This computer-chair body needs some crazy cat poses like a PHP needs MySQL.7:30-8:30 – Breakfast/NetworkingThis is where I wander around with big scared eyes and a bad-breath onion bagel, looking for people I know from WoolfCamp.8:30-9:00 – Welcome SessionThis is where I feel officially included, and my big scared eyes start to relax.9:00-10:00 – Opening Discussion: How are your blogs changing your world? The theme of the conference. I look forward to being able to put the answer to this question into words… besides “well, I go outside a whole lot less now…”10:00-11:00 – “Blog Crushes”. Test drives of sports cars, hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell cars will also be offered at this time.Yeah, I’ve got my share of blog crushes… but ooh! shiny gas-free cars!11:00-12:30 – Workshops! Mommyblogging discussion, Craft Chick conversations, Online Identity Analysis, Deep Geeking, and Educational Blog Talk.This is where I become accutely aware of the fact that I’m not a MommyBlogger, unlike 75% of the women here. So I book it to the Online Identity and Deep Geeking, where populations are lower… because everyone else is discussing how the Internets viewed the flickr posts of their placentas.12:30-1:30 – Lunch: Networking by the PoolBy this point, I’ve found a few WoolfCamp cronies, introduced myself to some of their cronies, and struck up a few conversations with some random anti-social new cronies by the water cooler. Anyone who does anything remotely related to building websites has my business card in her pocket now. I think it’s about time to start a french fry fight.1:30-3:00 – More Workshops! Outreach blogging with Danah Boyd, Entrepreneurial Blogging with Dooce, Community Assistance blogging with Grace Davis, Blogging for Business with no one I’ve heard of, and Sex Blogging with Melissa Gira.This is where my head explodes with indecision, because I have to choose between seeing one of four of my heros speak, or going to the workshop that probably matters the most to me. I’ve been following Danah’s work for years. Dooce is a superstar. Grace is my blogging queen. Melissa Gira has a no-holds-barred attitude that will inspire any woman to stand on the front lines. And really, my interest is blogging for business. I will make this decision at the last minute based on who grabs my hand first and says “Come with me!”3:00-3:30 – BreakThank GOD!3:00-3:30 – MORE Workshops! NakedBlogging, ArtBlogging, PoliticalBlogging, GroupBlogging, and TransformationalBloggingThis is where I glare at the organizers and say, come on, couldn’t you have split my heros up between these this session and the last one? I’ll probably be in with the transformational folk… but really wishing it was being led by danah, dooce, grace, and gira.5:15-6:30 – Closing Keynote – Creating Your PlatformsThis is where I stand at the back of the room, point wildly at Grace Davis who’ll be on the panel, and scream “I know her! I know her!” really loud while she’s trying to speak.6:30-9:00 – Cocktail Party…and since I’ll have been inundating you with liveblogging entries all day long, this is when I’ll start mispelling my words.Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to “Zooming in to Day 2 of BlogHer”

  1. JM Says:

    It was nice to not-officially-meet-you at the cocktail party, as you blocked my path to my table and I had to call for a mommyblogger to help me. :)

    Completely out of the blue, I’d actually like to chat with you about New Hampshire.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, I was feeling feisty. :) You had a good sense of humor.

    So what do you want to know about New Hampshire?

  3. JM Says:

    I’ve been transitioning out of the tech world for the last year or so, going back into academia (13 year diversion spent in the silValley). I’m a literature geek, finishing up my MA this year. I tentatively have UNH on my short list of PhD programs to which I intend to apply, so anything you might know about the school and town would be very helpful (and if you know anything about the English Dept, bonus!).