The Things We Have in Common

We’re all trying to love and be loved more fully and sanely.We’re all trying to find ways to earn money that make us feel good about ourselves.We all want to be less afraid… of our days, of the people around us, and of the things we don’t understand.We all want to find elements of ourselves that we can revere with awe.We all inwardly (and sometimes outwardly) doubt these good things are possible.We all think the people around us experience life differently than we do….What else?

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2 Responses to “The Things We Have in Common”

  1. Kris Says:

    We all have a need for human connection, to some degree, whether we believe we do or not.

  2. GraceD Says:

    We all enjoy salty, oily carbohydrate snacks now and again, but know that we should only partake of these (e.g., Maui potato chips) on rare occasions.