The Stanford Announcement

If your passion is to lead organizations that change the world in significant–and meaningful–ways, we want to hear from you. –Robert L. Joss, Professor and Dean, Stanford Graduate Business School

I am going to Stanford for my MBA.No, they haven’t accepted me yet. But that’s only because I haven’t applied. Rest assured, it will all happen. But I have some work to do first. Here’s the list:

  • Fill my head with business info from some key books (suggestions?).
  • Take a business math class.
  • Take an economics class.
  • Take the GMAT and do exceptionally well (Stanford doesn’t require the “exceptionally well” part, but I might as well do that anyway).
  • Get a summer 2006 internship with a Stanford Graduate Business School alum (my eye is on you, Seth Godin. When are you announcing your next big project?).
  • Get a recommendation letter from that alum.
  • Start volunteering at a local nonprofit that uses my technical & professional writing skills (suggestions?), and get a recommendation letter from my direct supervisor there.
  • Incorporate The Writ as a tax-exempt nonprofit.
  • Secure grant money for The Writ and start giving the staff stipends.
  • Get a peer recommendation letter from Julián Esteban Torres, my partner in literary organization crime.
  • Write a personal essay about my work on The Writ.
  • Pick something else remarkable that I’ve done and write another personal essay about it.
  • Learn Chinese (hey, it can’t hurt).
  • Get my bachelor’s degree (note to self: don’t forget this one).

Consider this my New Year’s Resolution. With the possible exception of incorporating The Writ (the govt. likes to drag its feet on such issues), I intend to do all of this in 2006.Wish me luck and send me tips (only encouraging ones). I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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One Response to “The Stanford Announcement”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Sarah…you have already done the part about volunteering for a non-profit.

    Childrens Home of Dover, NH
    Church of the Fellowship of all people

    There have to be more..

    Don’ forget what you have already acoomplished!

    Rev. Talbott