Star Wars in Chingrish

And for those who are sick of hearing about WoolfCamp, it’s now time for something completely different… presents a stunning example of Chinese bootleg American films. He bought the DVD for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for less than a buck in Shanghai, and was pleasantly entertained to see that it had English subtitles–subtitles that had been translated from English to Chinese, and then from Chinese to English. No, they were not on target.It begs the question, “What were they thinking?! The original English text must have been available!” And it illustrates an important point that people try to ignore about translation: it’s never perfect. You can never fully capture exact meaning between two languages. To further illustrate this point, I’m going to plug the text of this entry into the Babel Fish Translator from English to Chinese, and then translate that output from Chinese to English. Ready? Go.

And for these is heard sick and disabled WoolfCamp, now is the time for completely does not work together… to propose the Chinese sells sells 私酒 an American movie astonishing example. He has bought DVD is star war plot III: The Sith revenge for are less compared to a buck in Shanghai, with pleasantly is willing to consider to look, it had English captions — to translate from English to Chinese subtitle, and then from Chinese to English. No, they are not in the goal. Does it beg the question, what “they is thought? ! The primitive English text certainly obtains!” And it explained the people try to neglect about the translation heavy main point: It never is consummates. You can never fully capture the accurate meaning between two languages. Further explained this spot, I block this entry text to enter the Babelfish translator from English to Chinese, with then translates that product from Chinese to English. Prepares? Goes.

Interesting… now, what if we take that text, translate it into Japanese, and then translate that output back to English?

And because of these is the sickness which is heard, as for disabled WoolfCamp, it doesn’t work the time completely now is together… as for which proposes Chinese sale law? You sell? The American movie example of the extent which is surprised. He plotting III the star war which is bought DVD: When the vengeance of Sith pleasantly of for the sake of you see as the wooden び coming stand of Shanghai, is less, is considering, rejoicing, — from English from Chinese subtitle and Chinese it should translate the English caption next it is compared from English it possessed. Calling you obtain, as for those there is no purpose. Is question asked, as for that the thought which is no “they? ! You obtain the primitive English text certainly! “And that explained the attempt of the people to disregard concerning translation heavy main point: That you complete it is not never. Never, accurate meaning between sufficiently two languages cannot be captured. This point above that, that product from English was explained from Chinese which translates the text of this entry item which is obstructed in order from my and English, from Chinese to enter into for the translator of Babelfish. It prepares? It goes.

There you have it, folks. That you complete it is not never.

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4 Responses to “Star Wars in Chingrish”

  1. e Says:

    i was poking around trying to find something else, but i found this

    which seems like it goes here.

  2. e Says:

    Never, accurate meaning between sufficiently two languages cannot be captured.

    i took a german for reading class in grad school and it was chiefly a class in babelfish. i, too, would take my german translated sentences out and run them back into english until i got some kind of approximation of what i meant to say. cuts down on the ambiguities, but also on the, uh, color? obviously not here, though.

  3. Elkit Says:

    The sickness which is heard around the world. I heart babelfish. It prepares? It goes.

    I was watching a Chinese bootleg DVD a little while ago that had subtitles from another film. That was almost cool.

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