New Hampshire FAQ

Q: What the heck are you gonna do in New Hampshire?A: That’s an excellent question.Mostly, I’m going to do the same things I always do — blog and build websites and maintain the same good discussions I have with friends all over the world on a regular basis. Boy, do I love the internet. And I really love this new laptop!Q: So why New Hampshire? Why not San Francisco? A: That’s another excellent question. Let me put it this way: If you had to choose between hanging out in New Hampshire where you won’t have a car, and hanging out in San Francisco where you have your own apartment and a city of awesome resources at your disposal… which you you pick?New Hampshire. I thought so.Q: Um… right… Well, what else are you gonna do there? A: Well, I’m going to stay primarily with my amazing grandparents who treat me like a daughter (you know, the ones whom if i don’t call three times a month they think I’ve died in an earthquake). They have a basement full of a bunch of stuff they want to get rid of, and they’ve requested my assistance in selling it on eBay. (Is anyone out there a connoisseur of first edition books and classic records, and want first dibs?)Q: What about the rest of your family and East Coast friends?A: Yes, they’re there, too. Q: So how long are you staying?A: Dunno. I bought a one-way plane ticket.Q: Huh?! Are you ever coming back to San Francisco???A: Of course. I just signed another year’s lease on my apartment, and I absolutely love it out here.Q: Okay, then. Let me rephrase. When are you leaving New Hampshire and returning to San Francisco?A: Oh, I get you now. I’m going to leave when something important in San Francisco requires my presence, or when I get sick of New Hampshire folk staring at my shaved head. I figure that will happen in 3 or 4 weeks. Maybe more time. Maybe less.Q: I think you’re strange and impulsive and I really wish you’d make more sense so I can know what you’re going to do.A: Sorry, what was your question again? I didn’t catch that.

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2 Responses to “New Hampshire FAQ”

  1. adhesiveslipper Says:

    i will stare at your shaved head, you shaven, impulsive whatchacallit!

  2. dabetswe Says:

    haha! silly gal! This is hilarious!

    But seriously…do come back to San Francisco (or rather, leave New Hampshire) because we need your shaved head here too.