Music: Easy, Free, and Personalized

There’s a new concept floating around out there that I’d like to explore further: Have everything, own nothing. If you can get past the typical American “pride of ownership” issues, you can have a lot more for a lot less. A great example of this is It’s a music site that allows you to build your own “radio stations,” or audio streams, based on your favorite types of music. But the great thing is, it does it so intelligently. You start by naming your favorite artist or song. Pandora then references the style, quality, and influences of that artist or song, and compiles a list of similar songs by various artists. It’s a great tool for discovering new music based on what you already like. You can have multiple stations, and multiple artists named per station.Even more, I appreciate the interface. They get you started quickly. I went to the site, saw a big text box, typed “Ani Difranco,” and Boom! “As Is,” one of her most popular songs, started playing. They named the attributes of her music style, and then started playing a female vocalist I loved but had never heard of. I checked “I like this song,” and they kept playing good stuff of that variety.For me, this is a gem. I haven’t invested money in new music in years, and I stopped downloading it from the web when it became super-policed (I try to be a good girl, you know…). As a result, I haven’t discovered new artists in awhile. Now I can, and it’s completely free and legal, because I don’t own it. Someone else does, and I just tell them what I want to hear. I’ve also set up some instrumental and world music stations, and I’m using them for backround music when I’m working. I think I just found my new favorite minimized web browser window. Check it out yourself.(Thanks to Dougie for the tip.)

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2 Responses to “Music: Easy, Free, and Personalized”

  1. Rachel Says:

    LOVE It! Love it! I went to pandora box and absolutely love it, Sarah. Thanks for posting this. It’s incredible. How’s life, by the way?

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