More Announcements

Yes, I’m wayyyy late on the registration process, but I am going to BlogHer. I got a Day 2 pass (we’re talking about July 29 here), and I will über hardcore be there. (Thanks to Jess Brown for pointing out that there was still a ticket I could buy!) And yes, the full weekend pass was sold out, but it’s all good because there’s a party for the Technical Writing department on Friday, and I am going back to school in the fall so I ought to make an appearance and beg for college drop-out mercy. (Okay, so I’m really only planning on taking one class in the fall… but at least I’ll be in the system!)And that Sunday, I intend to be on Grace Davis’s couch talking about all that is chicky and bloggy with other WoolfCampers at the WoolfCamp Afterglow. Moreover, I will be car-sitting during that time, so I’ll actually have transportation to get to all these events scattered across the Bay Area. And possibly even sleep in my own bed every night. How phenomenal!

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One Response to “More Announcements”

  1. Mary Tsao Says:

    See you at BlogHer! Unfortunately, I will be missing Lu’s bbq as I will be drunk poolside at BlogHer. Tell her you know me if you want to score major points. She’s never admitted this publicly or privately, but I know I was always one of her favorites.

    smiley face!