Hey! I need a project management system!

“I need, I need, I need…” Needy girl I am!Here’s the deal. I need a smooth-interface project management system that keeps tabs on all my active projects: from websites to businesses to cleaning out my grandparent’s basement. To Do lists, timelines, file maintenance, reminders (Beep! Beep!), invoices, The Works. It needs to be SUPER customizable, with a hundred thousand options in its “Preferences” menu. And it needs to be SUPER easy to work with once it’s set up. No chores allowed. Needs to live on my computer. Either the internet or my Mac OS. And it would bring down the house if it could synch up with my palm pilot. Who’s got the solution?

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6 Responses to “Hey! I need a project management system!”

  1. Keith Casey Says:

    Have you looked into dotProject? I’m a core contributor (horribly biased), but it does almost everything you describe above except for the palm pilot sync.

    While I use it to run everything for my business, my wife uses it for all of our home improvement projects… including cleaning out the basement. ;)

  2. Keith Casey Says:

    And oh yeah… it’s all web-based, so it works wherever you have a browser.

  3. Elkit Says:

    I’ve heard good things about Basecamp from 37 Signals: http://www.basecamphq.com/

  4. ayesha Says:

    hey I just saw this and I was also looking for a project management system that is exactly as you described. I found one that is perfect and it is a lot cheaper then the going rate. But there is one catch, It is a new company. The system is a piece of cake but everything is on one page and is confusing because you don’t know where to start. It is so easy that you assume it must be hard until you actually get into it and find out it is exactly what it shows. I think the guy who made this must be really smart to do this thing so easily. Hope this helped.

  5. ayesha Says:

    hey again. sorry I didn’t even tell you the name. it is http://www.mindsequence.com and also they have this contact us page where they would like feedback and if you give them ideas then you might see that the next time you get on there. The company of this project is Brainoptic Corp. Or http://www.brainoptic.com . hope this helps

  6. Leah Says:

    Projjex.com is a great new site that does a fabulous job of project management. It’s completely browser-based, really easy to use, and has a free version. Cool videos too – I love it!