Hey, I need a laptop!

I think I’m going to head out to New Hampshire for the second half of May, maybe into June. And it occurs to me, that as a web developer, I can work anywhere in the world if I have internet access and a laptop. Most of the world has internet access. But I don’t have a laptop. And I think I should acquire one in the next week and a half. Here are my dream laptop characteristics:

  • Big hard drive (100+ GB)
  • Fast Processor (this girl has no patience for lag time)
  • Lots of RAM (I need to be able to run Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver at the same time without it crashing)
  • Wireless and wired internet access (of course)
  • CD Burner and Player
  • DVD Burner and Player
  • The ability to be BOTH a Mac AND a PC so I can easily check websites on both platforms. (Mac has Virtual PC… and I hear that new Mac Intel chip can boot up with Windows XP…)
  • Insurance to protect me against loss, theft, damage, defects, stupidity, and anything else that could go wrong.

So… here’s the problem. I’m totally willing to go out and buy a new Intel Mac Powerbook, but I hear they’re having some problems–running programs slowly and such. Unless someone can convince me that they’re perfect machines, I think I should probably wait until the next generation comes out before I fork over lots of money for one. So, I’m looking to you, the vast internet of cool people, to help me take one of two routes:1) Find the right new laptop for me to buy in the next week.2) Connect me with an honest someone who has a capable laptop they’re not using, and are willing to loan, rent, or sell to me right away. It doesn’t have to be my dream laptop–this is just to buy me some time before I invest in The Dream. It needs to be able to let me build websites in a wireless internet cafe. Mac or PC is fine. I’ll pay for shipping if you’re not here or in NH. Do you have one for me? Let’s talk.

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4 Responses to “Hey, I need a laptop!”

  1. Jon Says:


    Here’s a quick mac laptop plug for you. so… although I don’t own a new macbook pro, I do have a powerbook thats just a month out of any kind of warranty. This weekend, while cramming some photoshop/dreamweaver to try and finish off a site, I managed to pour about half a cup of tea on my keyboard/trackpad when, while sipping, I decided to lean in a check some color correction.

    I’ll let that feeling sink in for a minute….

    … it glitched, i got two spinning beach balls, and then my screen went black.

    after some paper toweling, and a bit of shaking to get the extra tea out, my screen came back on and I slammed in my external drive top back up everything I’ve been doing for the past month, then turned my comp off and finished dabbing. After an hour of waiting for things to (hopefully) dry off, I started back up and haven’t had a problem since.

    I can’t really explain this, but its true. even if that doesn’t help to make up your mind, it’s this months friendly reminder to back up yr files.

    sorry for the flaky contact, been traveling for a while. I’ll be in Antalya, Turkey next week, Zurich the following, and then returning to the NH on may 20th. Maybe I’ll catch you on your next whirlwind tour?



  2. huge Says:

    One man’s opinion on Intel Macs/Boot Camp:

    And Slashdotters ripping him a new asshole:

    Personally, I’ve always been particularly wary of first-generation-anything when it comes to Apple. I’d wait, unless you have this overwhelming desire to be a Guinea pig.

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