Hey! I lost a laptop!

Following up on my laptop-for-travel saga, I feel it is my civic duty to let ya’ll know that my beautiful refurbished laptop from Apple is now dead. Dead as a doornail, as Dickens might put it. Less than a month after purchase.The problem? Ya plug the AC adapter in, and it gives you the pretty glowing orange LED light that tells you electricity is running to it… and then the power source indicator continues to tell you about your battery… and how it is running out… 50%… 30%… 10%… 5%… uh-oh. Computer down. After much poking, prodding, and trying new power adapters, the Apple-authorized mac specialists in town (and I) deemed the machine dead. As a doornail. Fortunately, I have the famed Apple Care plan, and their customer service appears to be top-notch. At the very least, they’ve given me confidence in their abilities to resolve the problem. The machine’s been mailed out to them, and I fully expect to see it again.In the meantime, I embark on the last legs of my East Coast journey laptop-free (*horrible scream*), with my dear Treo in my back pocket (*sigh of relief*). I’ll be back in the Bay Area next Thursday. Until then, I wander the hills…

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2 Responses to “Hey! I lost a laptop!”

  1. nikkiana Says:

    Hopefully everything works out and the problem gets fixed! Sucks majorly to be without a laptop… I’d go nuts!

  2. dabetswe Says:

    ya know….my sister has a Mac and she has a very similar if not the same exact problem with the power source/battery thing on her laptop. Maybe it’s common for Mac’s. I still like my trusty ol’ PC.

    You probably need a break from the computer anyway. Next Thursday you’ll be back eh? Well…I think it’s time we get together for a drink soon too then. I missed ya.