Hey! I got a laptop!

I ended up ordering a refurbished 15″ Mac PowerBook G4 from Apple.com. Spent about $1000 less than I would have spent if I’d gone for the fancy new stuff, and it will work a lot better for my purposes anyway.I did some more research on the Intel MacBook, and here’s the final answer:It’s not that the computer is crappy. It’s that the computer is awesome, and the software you’ll want to run on it is crappy.So if I want to run Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat all at the same time on that machine, I’m going to be in misery… until the CS3 versions come out, at which point I’m all set.Problem is, I need it to work today.So G4 it is. I’ll go Intel a year or two, when everything is sailing a lot smoother.(Somewhat Unrelated Confession: I still don’t own an iPod, and despite the strange looks I get, I really don’t feel the need to change that fact…)

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One Response to “Hey! I got a laptop!”

  1. Joshua Jones Says:

    Sound great, I have been pondering a Powerbook for a recording unit. I do all my web stuff on a PC and will be to stubborn to change, and cannot afford to buy new versions, but again I am phasing myself out of the HTML and into performance art. :)