Hacked! (Again)

Okay, this really isn’t funny. My email inbox is still loading. It’s up to 500 messages now. Still going… They’re all return emails. Could not be delivered. You’re being perceived as spam. Address doesn’t exist. Leave us alone. I scroll down, check the email, and yes, sure enough, I’m trying to spam people with a Wells Fargo information phishing scam. Great. Isn’t that just how I needed to start my day. We’ve clocked in at a total of 840 email messages. And these are just the ones returned. How many people out there just got spammed by “me”? Did someone hack my server (perhaps through b2evolution? This blog software is not on my good list this year)? Did they just throw my email address onto “reply to:” for good luck? Who’s neck do I need to wring right now?

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