BlogHer ’06

Props to Mary Tsao for catching me mid-conversation with a very awkward “I see you taking a picture of me and I don’t know how to pretend this isn’t happening” face. I have so much processing to do… so many thoughts and experiences to put into words. I haven’t put them out there yet because

  • My brain cells were totally fried yesterday.
  • The Hyatt had inconsistent wireless internet access (apparently 800 blogging women freaked out their servers).

But I’m at WoolfCamp now, chilling with BadgerBag and the crew, and I’ve got some serious processing to do. (hey, i’m still a poet, even though i pretend not to know it.)

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2 Responses to “BlogHer ’06”

  1. Mary Tsao Says:

    You’re beautiful. Hope WoolfCamp was a blast. I couldn’t handle any more interaction with real people, but I definitely am enjoying my awesome Internet access at home today.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You’re awesome. Thanks for a great pic, and be well in your chill day.