HyperionWhew! Well, that was fun! I just dove into an “accelerated timeline” workaholic frenzy, and pulled the job off successfully, at the great expense of my online personal life (really, you can only sit in front of a computer so many hours a day). So sorry for the silence, the unreturned emails, the lack of reading your stuff. I’m back on your planet now. It may take me a few days to catch up, but at least I’m here. So where the heck have I been? I’ve been working at Interbrand, a corporate branding firm. A phenomenal office with phenomenal people and a phenomenal workload. I’m completely honored to have had the opportunity to work with them. And the great accomplishment? I played a big hand in the website redesigns for Hyperion, a major business software company. Talented artists created the designs, I turned the designs into XHTML and CSS web pages, and Hyperion applied them to their existing complex websites. It was a whole lot like translation work — talking to the designers at one company, talking to the web developers at another company, and conveying information between them in ways that are easy on both sides. So take a look at Hyperion’s new public website: http://www.hyperion.comI also built the entire user interface for their Brand Asset Management website, which I can’t show you. ‘Cuz you don’t work for them. Sorry. But take my word for it, it kicks some serious ass.And while I was at it, I wrote a quick-start user manual and a set of guidelines for future web development. Those tech writing skills came in mighty handy at the last minute.So now… I’ve got a low-key week left to tie up loose ends on the project, and then I’m free for the rest of May. What a scary thought…

Of the past 43 hours, i have been in the office working for 34. This is what a large corporate website launch feels like, apparently. I’m still at the office.Still working.The launch is in two hours. And then we’ll continue to work.(did i mention it’s 6:30 AM on Monday morning and those 43 hours were my weekend?)

if you’re looking for me, i’ve more or less dropped off the face of the earth until may or so. i’m staying at Workaholisma, a black-hole-style planet in one of the outer galaxies, heavily avoided by sane people. the entire staff knows my name there.if you need me urgently, calling is more likely to get my attention than email. if you’re patiently waiting for my attention, please sign the guestbook below.

Directly from OpenOffice.org. (Non-techie note: Open Office is the free, community-developed alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s awesome. Go download it and give Bill Gates the finger. Or at least, that was the situation before this news came out…)

Microsoft Buys OpenOffice.org!For an undisclosed sum reputed to be in the billions, Microsoft’s Bill Gates has personally bought the leading open-source desktop project. Saying he “was sick and tired of open-source eating away at his profits,” the world’s richest man decided to put an end to the nuisance and simply buy OpenOffice.org. It will form part of a growing list of Microsoft acquisitions, including several erstwhile competitors, a considerable number of prominent politicians, and a few small governments.The initially stunned OpenOffice.org community–a happy-go-lucky international band numbering in the hundreds of thousands–later turned to champagne to celebrate their newfound wealth. “Bless Bill!” one happy Torontonian exclaimed, bubbly in hand. “With all this money, I can beat Mark’s time in orbit!”Gates has assured all current OpenOffice.org users that their future migration path to Microsoft Office is guaranteed thanks to OpenOffice.org’s faultless support of MS Office files formats. Users can further rest assured that the full functionality currently provided by OpenOffice.org 2.0 will be available in MS-Office 2020 – or possibly 2030.

The briefing is followed by a link to a full press release. And that page only says, “April Fools!”I just about fell over and died.