Tookie and Execution

Everywhere I walk on campus, I see signs saying “Save Stan ‘Tookie’ Williams!” Just from that bombardment, I’ve gathered three things:

  • He’s about to be executed.
  • He’s written books that people want to share.
  • The campus Socialist organization is his biggest supporter.

So I ignored the signs, mostly because the campus Socialists are a little creepy. And if they weren’t going to spell out why he’s being executed, I wasn’t about to listen to why he shouldn’t be. Yeah, okay, I live under a rock. The SF Chronicle cleared it up for me, though. Here’s the deal with Tookie:Why he’s being executed: He started the Crips, an LA-based gang, 35 years ago. The Crips have killed a whole lot of people and destroyed the lives of many of their gang members. Tookie, himself, was responsible for many, many murders. Sounds like your typical death row case, as justified as you can get.Why he shouldn’t be executed: Since he’s been in jail, he turned his focus toward stopping gang violence. He’s written numerous books to that end (including children’s books), has negotiated truces between rival groups, and has generally been an avid opponent to gangs. Granted, he’s just trying to undo what he started, and with some futility at that, but if you kill him, he can’t be on your side anymore. That, and a big chunk of LA — both gang and anti-gang — will try to riot. And we all know what that’s like.My thoughts on the death penalty? Execution isn’t the problem. Cutting it out won’t change the fact that “hardened criminals” exist and need to be removed from society if we’re to live somewhat peacefully. The problem is a system that creates a need for “crime.” Psychologists have found that no one does anything without feeling like it’s justified at the time. If so many people feel justified in commiting crimes against society, isn’t it time we considered what kind of life circumstances would drive these people to such desperation that they could feel that way? And start there? We put the mentally insane in institutions to help take care of their minds. We put products of abuse and neglect behind bars to show them they’re horrible people. And then we get mad at them when they ban together to become angrier and more dangerous than before. Seriously, America, there must be a better way.As for Tookie, let the man speak. I’m with the Socialists on this one.

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4 Responses to “Tookie and Execution”

  1. Raymond B Says:

    Once the Chief of Staff firestorm settles Schwarzenegger will have to deal with the ramifications he makes regarding the decision he makes on Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams. The governor is now having to decide on whether he will grant clemency for the first time in almost 40 years in California, or allow the death sentence of Tookie Willams be carried out. One side says Tookie took four lives and for this he deserves to be punished, the other side says he has changed and is doing good i nthe world now.
    I just wonder, had Tookie been scheduled to be put to death earlier would all of this debate have occured.
    Raymond B

  2. Cris Ericson Says:

    What good does it do God If Arnold Schwarzenegger kills Tookie?
    It does no good at all for God if Arnold Schwarzenegger kills Tookie.
    Tookie says he is innocent, so if he is, then that will make Arnold Schwarzenegger a murderer.
    If Tookie is guilty, then he needs the rest of his natural life span to repent so he can enter Heaven as a cleansed and repented soul.
    If he is not allowed to have his natural life span to repent,
    then if he is guilty,
    his soul will go to the Devil.
    God wants to win as many souls as possible to Heaven,
    so people should be kept alive for their natural life span to be given an opportunity to repent
    so no matter how bad their sins are they will die repented,
    with cleansed souls
    so God wins and they enter Heaven.
    The earth will be sucked in to the Black Hole in outer space (Hell) if the Devil wins more souls than God.

  3. Jesse Says:

    “ALL things work for the good and glory of God for those who love Him”- Romans 8:28

    No matter what your religious belief is, believe that no man is perfect, and if Tookie loves God, then allow man to make his mistakes and for God to sort it out. It’s not our job to judge who is innocent or guilty, and especially to play god and decide who dies and who doesn’t. But God holds true in Heaven what is law on Earth. And rest assured, if Tookie loves God, then it will be in His favor.

    America and California are built upon principles of faith that are the foundation of our society. Christian or not, laws and law-makers are elected by people, and people are imperfect. And through our imperfection, God makes us perfect, because as we love Him, everything we do is in His favor.

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