Talk about Community!

I just took inventory, and it’s confirmed. I am a Web Community Junkie. What follows is a list of all the crazy community websites I’m a member of, as well as my gripes and raves about each.

  • Livejournal (personal blogs) – Excellent security settings and filters for talking to a specific audience.
  • Facebook (school-based communities) – Very good for finding people. Not useful for much else, though.
  • Friendster (general networking and blogs) – Also, really just good for finding people.
  • My Space (mini-websites) – Overloaded with ads and a very in-your-face design. But good for staying in touch with friends and pulling new people together. Many options.
  • Tribe (discussions and classifieds) – Excellent if you live in a city. Not quite so useful if you don’t. I think they need a more thorough system of email notifications so you can subscribe to specific discussion threads… but otherwise they’re very cool.
  • The Writ (writing workshop/publication) – Very cool for getting feedback on writing and for getting published. Needs forums and email notifications, but those are coming soon (I swear!).
  • OK Cupid (quizzes and people-meeting) – Similar to My Space in flashiness, but the best free source for late-night mind-numbing personal tests around. Also pretty cool for connecting with people, but very singles-focused.

Are there any big ones that I’m missing here? I need to solidify my status as Web Community Junkie by joining (and analyzing) every one possible.

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