Squidoo: The Secret’s Out

I’ve been involved in the secret beta testing for Squidoo — the latest and greatest Web 2.0 project, spearheaded by Seth Godin. But I wasn’t allowed to talk about it, or they would kill me… at least until today. What the Heck is Squidoo?It’s an organized collection of lenses, which are simply webpages devoted to introducing and explaining specific topics–any topics–like an information-based gateway to the web. Think Wikipedia meets Google.Their philosophy? Everyone is an expert on something. Anyone and everyone should build a lens. Their incentive? Cash kickbacks based on how much traffic and affiliate clicks your lenses draw (and you can choose to donate that cash directly to your favorite charity). Their contribution the web? A better, more humanly-maintained way of finding things and learning about them. Give Google a run for their money! Squidoo’s still in beta testing, but it’s public now, so go check it out. Start with a few of my lenses:- Ani DifrancoThe Open Source Movement…and then start making your own!

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