New Toy.

Treo 650Actually, I can already tell you what crazy thing I’ve done since the breakup. I bought a Treo. Did I need a new phone? Yes. My old one dropped dead. Did I have a compelling reason to buy a PDA? Yes. I want to use Chinese Dictionary software for looking up characters, and I’ve been lacking a central system of organization. Will it be worth the extra $15/mo to have unlimited web access and be able to take and send pictures with this gadget? That’s to be determined. But I bet it will help me blog better and more often. I have 30 days to bring this bank-account-reduction back to the Sprint store. I can at least have some fun with it in the meantime.

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One Response to “New Toy.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hey, sorry to hear about what’s happened with your love life. Hope things are going OK there. By the way, my boyfriend has a Treo and I didn’t know there’s Chinese Dictionary function on those. I don’t think he knows. I”ll go find it out and let him know…I’m sure he’ll appreciate that. Enjoy the Treo, I know my bf does! It’s a great way to treat yourself!