“I’m an Artist, but not the starving kind”

This one goes out to all the recent graduates trying to make it as freelancers and independent artists. Do not undercut industry pricing (or at least, what your services are worth in relation to the general industry). I speak from experience and cold, hard pain. You hurt the industry and you hurt yourself. Bitterness with yourself and your client are the immediate result of being underpaid. The latest Newsweek story…

“I could get an art student to do it for $35 and a six-pack.” I remember the first time a prospective client said that to try to intimidate me into accepting dramatically reduced fees for Website design services. I was newly self-employed and hungry for work, so I conceded. I delivered a great Web site, but I hated my client for making me work for so little—and myself for not knowing how to get what I deserved.Read On…

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4 Responses to ““I’m an Artist, but not the starving kind””

  1. cacual Says:

    Well done. Thanks much!

  2. Cloudjammer Says:

    Newsweek recently moved the URL for this article to: http://www.newsweek.com/id/104461

  3. sarah Says:

    Ooh — thank you for that!

  4. Sara Bareilles - Love Song Says:

    Sara Bareilles – Love Song…

    Sara Bareilles – Love Song…