How to get a feel for Chinese

Whether you’ve studied Chinese or not, check out this site:http://www.newsinchinese.comMouse over any character and it gives you the immediate English translation as well as the pronunciation. You can basically read the whole thing in English if you let your eye follow your mouse. But what’s really neat is that it gives you an idea about how characters form words and words form sentences… which, to Westerners, starts off as a complete mystery.

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3 Responses to “How to get a feel for Chinese”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hey that’s great, my girlfriend is Chinese and she is usually reluctant to teach me very long. HA! now I’ve got a tool.

    I noticed that the Chinese site looks nice and clean like yours. Is that one CSS too?

    If I was getting ready to work on some old html site but wanted to move it up into xhtml or better, css, do I need to review the html first or just begin learning how to convert it?


  2. Nick Says:

    By the way, should I never list an email on a webpage? When is it safe?


  3. Anonymous Says:

    These are great questions! I answered them in a new post here.