blah blah GINGER blah blah…

[Cartoon removed as a result of a very friendly Cease and Desist Notice from Gary Larson.  Woops.]
Do you remember this Far Side comic by Gary Larson? I saw it as a young kid on the secretary’s wall at the veterinarian’s office. I thought it was hillarious, and somehow, it stuck with me. Whenever I find that I can’t understand (or I’m just not paying attention to) something I’m hearing, I’ll repeat in my head, “blah blah blah GINGER blah blah blah GINGER…”But I thought I was crazy for doing that, so I kept the inside joke to myself. Recently, though, in one of my classes, someone brought this up in perfect context. We were looking at examples of work that was hard to understand, and someone casually babbled, “blah blah blah GINGER…” Even more to my shock, most of the class chimed in!It’s beautiful moments like these when I realize that, even though some of us may think we’re crazy, the rest of the world is often up there with us. (props to for archiving these comics.)

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2 Responses to “blah blah GINGER blah blah…”

  1. Brenda McDonald Says:

    How come you had to remove your picture of the Far Side cartoon, but Mimi and Jonna over at the Blah Blah Blah Ginger blog still have their picture of the Far Side cartoon on their site??

    Doesn’t seem very fair to me.

    Anyway, yeah! My husband and I do the blah, blah, blah Ginger thing all the time. It’s so very useful, and funny. Not just for use in situations when things are over my head, but also for when I just don’t care (like my dogs don’t care when I explain to them very carefully why they can’t put their paws on the counter and eat out of the dirty pots on the stovetop. Blah, blah, blah, Rocky. Rocky waits until I’ve left the room, then puts his front paws on the counter and starts licking at the pot again. Rocky’s bright, I’m not.)

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