All Resources, One Switchboard

Check this out: YubNubIt’s a search engine. It’s a command prompt line. It scours the internet for virtually anything you could ever ask for, all from one place. And it’s not prohibitively ultra-techie. YubNub is a simple concept: you precede your search with a keyword that explains where you want to do that searching. For example, typing “gim sarah dopp” will run a Google Image Search for my name. It will also bring up a horrible picture from my highschool publishing days on, so don’t do it. Other useful commands: y = Yahooam = Amazona = (dictionary/encyclopedia)ebay = Ebayrevs = reverse phone number lookupAt the time of this post, there are about 7,400 more commands to chose from. You can also add your own to the list (clearly, many people have done so). Rumor has it that YubNub means “Hooray!” in Ewok language. So go ahead. Make it your homepage.

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7 Responses to “All Resources, One Switchboard”

  1. Jonathan Aquino Says:

    Hi Sarah! I’m glad you like YubNub! And your bostonpoet picture is full of energy and life!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, you’re good. I didn’t even (knowingly) ping your site. Way to be omnicient! And again, great site!

  3. Jonathan Aquino Says:

    Hi Sarah – I’ve set up a Technorati feed to let me know whenever yubnub (or my name) is mentioned in the blogosphere. I like how you put it: omniscience

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