Alive and (almost) well

How do you reemerge from a cocoon you had no intention of being sucked into? There are no apologies to be made. No excuses to drum up. Just a mild embarassment that you’ve allowed yourself to be immersed in life for a little while. So what happened? Why did I disappear from the web? Well, my boyfriend and I broke up. “Broke up” is a horrible term for this situation because it carries a trite junior high school connotation. But if I were to say, “the intense relationship that has carried me for two years and that I believed would last forever has fallen to pieces in the palm of my hand,” you’d call me dramatic. So let’s just leave it as a breakup. I’ve been inundated with heavy conversations for the past month, I haven’t slept more than a few hours for the past few days, and quite frankly I’m a little concerned about getting through the semester. So lets change the tone to something lighter. The Top Ten Things I’ve Done After a Breakup (in random order)

  1. Shaved my head.
  2. Changed schools.
  3. Went skydiving.
  4. Dyed my bangs fire engine red.
  5. Seduced a gay man.
  6. Went into therapy.
  7. Started a magazine.
  8. Changed jobs.
  9. Flew to China.
  10. Tried to drive to the Grand Canyon from NH to “get some air.”

Stay tuned for what will happen after this one. In the meantime, how about I get back to my old self and fill your RSS readers with useful web tips and crazy San Francisco anecdotes? Can you handle that?

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One Response to “Alive and (almost) well”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hi Sarah, Now that I am updated with Yahoo I was wondering where you were. I am sorry to hear about the break up, I hope it is for the best.