A Life Coach with an Attitude

I’ve had the privelege of working with Brian Koval this year — a personal coach and financial life planner with an inspiring take on life. No, I didn’t enlist his coaching skills (although I did reap the benefits of his unique attitude). Instead, I helped him build a website. Normally, I’d say “I built him a website,” but Brian’s a special case. His introspection and creativity were central to the development of the site. This was truly a collaborate effort. BrianKoval.com went live this week. While it is his professional web presence, this site is no sales pitch. Brian is filling it with inspirational writings and creative representations of himself. He also has a biweekly newsletter, so people can stay connected with his frequent updates. His goal, as he says, is to engage people and spark inspiration. He wants to influence. He wants to be influenced. He wants to restore and transform people to their “divine beauty and purpose.” Brian is dialogue in a world without communication. Check him out and write to him. He’ll write you back.

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3 Responses to “A Life Coach with an Attitude”

  1. Satin Panties  Says:

    when you have that mid-life crisis, then you really need a life coach.~`

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