• When dealing with new people, make a point to like them (or focus on what’s likeable about them), and treat them as though you’re already friends.
  • In stores or on the street, never walk between a child and his or her parent.
  • British, Irish, Scottish, and Australian accents will get you far in America.
  • You can’t decide what will happen in your daily life or how it will affect you. But you can decide where you want it to happen, who you want to include in it, and how you want to approach it. And that makes all the difference in the world.
  • This digital age means that nearly anything can be done for nearly free. That means you have far more opportunities to display your creativity and talent. It also means that other people are creating far more junk haphazardly, just because they can. So you have more competition, but don’t be discouraged–most of it falls flat on its face.
  • Getting a degree is not about proving you’re intelligent, skilled, or educated. It’s about proving that you can wade through the workload equivalent of Hell and still be standing when you reach the other side. This is a very useful skill in the working world.

You know they never really owned you,you just carried them around.And then one day you put them down and found your hands were free.-Ani Difranco